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Small Business

Small business is the heart of our local economy. Supporting small businesses, minority businesses and local businesses helps our community thrive.

I have been a small business owner for over 40 years, and I understand the issues and the rewards of owning a business. In 2019, I had the honor of being appointed by the Senate President to serve on the Advisory Council on the Impact of Regulations on Small Business. Small business is 70% of the Maryland economy, it is vitally important that we help our small businesses stay strong and successful.

Many of our minority businesses are also small businesses and can get assistance through our Small, Minority, & Women Business Affairs office. Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) regulations require state agencies to structure their procurements to achieve an overall goal of 29% of the total dollar value of their procurement contracts directly or indirectly from certified Minority Business Enterprises.

Since COVID appeared in March of 2020, small businesses have struggled to stay in business. One of the problems small businesses face was brought to light in 2021 when a tornado tore thru the Annapolis area. The Anne Arundel Senate Delegation supported SB 310 to study how we can help small businesses that are the victims of a natural disaster.  This included:

In 2022, three other bills to assist small businesses were passed:

I am always happy to hear from the small businesses in my district and provide assistance whenever possible.