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Gun Safety

Recent legislation that Pam supported prohibits the purchase of machine guns, bump stocks, ghost guns and assault weapons. Maryland is ranked 7th in the country for Gun Law Strength by Everytown.

The Maryland Legislature has supported reducing gun violence with a great deal of recent legislation. In the past eight years, we have:

During my first term in the Senate, I have been the lead sponsor on two important bills. In 2019, SB-1000 changed the appeal process for a person who is denied a permit to wear, carry or transport a handgun. Instead of gun owners appealing a permit decision to a board made up of NRA members, they instead were sent to an Administrative Hearing Officer. An administrative hearing is a fair, impartial and independent opportunity to be heard on the issue. Since the change occurred, only 5% of the appeals have been overturned.

During the 2021 session, I sponsored SB 861 which is known as the Gun Center Bill. The bill creates a database to track the use and possession of all guns used in crimes throughout the state. The funding and staffing is mandated, providing the State Police with the assistance they need to keep our communities safe.

Since the recent Supreme Court decision, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc v. Bruen, Maryland anticipates critical legislation will be needed in 2023.  Maryland will no longer be able to require a person to provide a good and substantial reason to obtain a concealed carry weapon permit. We will need to develop new standards to ensure that only those qualified will be allowed to obtain a concealed carry permit.

Here are a few facts from Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence:

While Maryland legislators have done a great deal to reduce gun violence, there remains a great deal more to be done!