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Authority:Friends of Pam Beidle, Leonard W. Beidle, treasurer.
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2018 Legislative Update

There are 5 weeks left in the 2018 General Assembly Session.  With two months, or two thirds of session over, public hearings have been held on hundreds of bills and we have voted on about one third of the bills.  There is still a great deal of work to be completed prior to “crossover” on March 19th.  Crossover means that the House Bills that have been voted on favorably, cross over to the Senate and the Senate bills that have been voted on favorably move over to the House;  the hearings and the process then starts all over again in the opposite chamber.


Some bills of interest:

HB 633,  Secretary of State – Address Confidentiality Programs – Shielding of Real Property Records.

This bill allows women that have are victims of domestic violence to “shield” the address of a home that they purchase so that their abusers will not be able to locate the victim.  The address of the home will be listed as the Secretary of State’s address.  This bill is a result of a summer study that included the Administration, the Secretary of State and Legislators. 


HB 807  Highway User Revenues – Distribution. 

I was the lead sponsor on this bill again this year and it appears that we may finally be successful.  This bill mandates the administration to allocate a certain amount of funds to Baltimore City, all Counties and all Cities in the State of Maryland.  The bill is effective in 2020 and sunsets in 2025.  The funds will help the jurisdictions in their transportation maintenance and planning to know the amount of revenue they will receive each year for roads and highways.


HB 372  Maryland Metro Funding Act

This bill establishes the Maryland Metro Dedicated Fund Account in the Transportation Trust Fund; requiring the Governor to include an appropriation in the annual State budget of at least a certain amount solely for grants to the Washington Suburban Transit District to pay the capital costs of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority; requiring an annual grant of at least $150,000,000 from the Fund Account to pay capital costs of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority; providing that the State of Virginia and Washington DC match the funding.  This funding will help the Metro system improve the safety of the trains for the 400,000 people that ride the Washington Metro daily. 


HB 308  Maryland Estate Tax Unified Credit

This bill alters a certain limit on the unified credit used for determining the Maryland estate tax for certain decedents; and altering a certain limitation on the amount of the Maryland estate tax for decedents dying on or after January 1, 2019.  The new Federal  Tax Law increases the amount of the value of the estate tax exclusion to $11 million.  Maryland was on track to match the Federal Government Estate Tax exclusion, however this bill limits the Maryland Exclusion to $5 million. 


HB 888  Criminal Law – Firearm Crimes – Rapid Fire Trigger Activator

This bill bans “bump stocks” or Rapid Fire Trigger Activators—like the one used in the Las Vegas massacre.  If you take the time to read this bill you will see the list of assault weapons already banned for sale in Maryland.  We are also considering a bill that would limit the magazine for an assault weapon.  Maryland already has tougher gun laws than most states, but we work to continue to make improvements for the safety of our citizens, and especially our students. 


HB 1302  Family Violence - Seizure of Lethal Weapons - Lethal Violence Protective Order

This bill authorizes certain persons to seek an ex parte lethal violence protective order by filing a petition alleging that a person that poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury or injury to others due to the accessibility of a firearm; requiring that certain records provided in a  petition or considered as evidence in a proceeding under the Act be protected from public disclosure under certain circumstances; requiring a court to set a certain hearing no later than 14 days after receipt of a certain petition.  This bill was prepared long before the Parkland High School shooting, but it addresses the issue that someone observing violent behavior or other concerning behavior, can make a report and the court will set a hearing date within 14 days and may remove the right of the person to possess a firearm.  There will be amendments on this bill, but in my opinion this bill will pass the House.


HB 1342  Legislative Branch of State Government - Sexual Harassment

This bill establishes several requirements and procedures relating to sexual harassment in the Legislative Branch.  The bill authorizes any entity to file a complaint with the State Ethics Commission (SEC) that (1) a regulated lobbyist has sexually harassed a member of the Maryland General Assembly (MGA) or an employee of MGA or the Department of Legislative Services (DLS) or (2) a member of MGA has sexually harassed a regulated lobbyist. In addition, the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics (JCLE) of MGA must develop a code of conduct relating to sexual harassment and retaliation and actions that will be taken against individuals who violate the code of conduct.  The bill also requires (1) JCLE to refer complaints to an outside independent investigator for violations of the code of conduct; (2) DLS to maintain sexual harassment training records for members and employees, as specified; and (3) the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights (MCCR) to conduct a biennial survey on discrimination and harassment in the Legislative Branch and report its findings.


IMPORTANT Driver’s Licenses Information - MVA REAL ID Update

Maryland is proud to have one of the most secure driver’s licenses and ID cards in the country and we have been compliant with the Federal REAL ID Act since 2011.  This Act specified standards for licenses and ID cards to be acceptable for federal purposes, such as boarding an airplane or accessing federal facilities.  Effective in 2018, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is now requiring the MVA to collect additional documentation when customers are renewing their driver’s licenses or ID cards.  

This change affects customers who receive a renewal notice from MDOT MVA indicating that additional documentation is required.  The mailed renewal notice will come in an envelope with the text “Documents Now Required to Renew” in red lettering as well as an insert inside the envelope providing additional information.

Customers must present documents at an MDOT MVA branch office.  MDOT MVA staff will review and securely scan documents as part of the transaction.  At no time will MDOT MVA staff make or retain hard copies of any documents.

Customers will need to present the following documents during the renewal process:

One (1) proof of age and identity.  Examples are a Birth Certificate or a valid U.S. Passport. Documents issued by a hospital, notification of birth registration, birth registration cards, and foreign birth certificates are not accepted.

One (1) proof of Social Security.  Examples are an original Social Security Card, a W-2 form or a Social Security Administration Benefits Statement, SSA-1099.  The document must show name and full Social Security number,

Two (2) proofs of Maryland residency.  Examples are an insurance card, vehicle registration, credit card bill, utility bill, bank statement or mail from a federal, state, or local government agency.  Each document must be from a separate organization and contain the full residential address.

If the current legal name is different than what is listed on any of these documents, customers will also need to provide a government-issued marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other court-issued document to explain the name change(s).

A full list of acceptable documents and exceptions can be viewed in the MDOT MVA’s Online Document guide at or by visiting  The MDOT MVA has produced a short video to walk customers through the process at


School Safety News

Executive Steve Schuh, Board of Education President Julie Hummer, Superintendent George Arlotto, and Police Chief Tim Altomare announced a $14.8 million proposal to fund the needed staff and school upgrades that will keep our children safe.

The proposal will fund:

  • 20 additional School Resource Officers, enough to station one at every county high school and middle school
  • More than 1,500 cameras for schools
  • Lock upgrades for 4,000 doors in County schools
  • Double-door security systems at all high schools in the County
  • Protective tactical equipment for every school.

All proposals are subject to approval by the County Council.

Dr. Arlotto also announced that the school system will reinstitute its School Safety and Security Council. The Council is comprised of school, county, law enforcement, and community officials as well as parents and students, and makes recommendations on school safety measures.  The superintendent also announced schools will be asked to make space available for patrol officers to use on down time in between calls so that those officers can provide additional presence in the county’s 120-plus school facilities.


Office Information

The 2018 Scholarship deadline is March 31, 2018.  The application is on-line at

My office is staffed by Nancy Lipin Crawford, my Chief of Staff, and Stefan Specian, my Legislative Assistant.

My office is open full time during the Session.  Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and concerns.  My contact information remains: or 410.841.3370.  You can also find updates at my website and on Facebook at Delegate Pam Beidle.

It is truly an honor to serve you in the Maryland House of Delegates.



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Authority: Friends of Pam Beidle, Leonard W. Beidle, Treasurer