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Ballot Questions

Early Voting is almost here. It will be held from October 25 thru Nov. 1, 2018; 10:00 AM – 8:00

PM at several locations throughout the County. They are:

Odenton Regional Library - 1325 Annapolis Road Odenton

Glen Burnie Regional Library - 1010 Eastway Glen Burnie

Severna Park Community Library - 45 West McKinsey Road Severna Park

Roger “Pip” Moyer Recreation Center - 273 Hilltop Lane Annapolis

Edgewater Community Library - 25 Stepneys Lane Edgewater

Crofton Community Library - 1681 Riedel Road Crofton

Anne Arundel County Board of Elections - 6740 Baymeadow Drive Glen Burnie

Ballot Questions

In addition to all of the Candidates on the ballot, there will be five (5) Ballot Questions to vote

on. Two Statewide questions and three County questions. They are:

Statewide Questions

Question 1 - Education Funding (Constitutional Amendment)

The amendment requires the Governor to include in the annual State Budget, as supplemental

funding for prekindergarten through grade 12 in public schools, the revenues from video lottery

operation licenses and any other commercial gaming dedicated to public education in an

amount above the level of State funding for education in public schools provided by the Bridge

to Excellence in Public Schools Act of 2002 (otherwise known as the Thornton legislation) in not

less than the following amounts: $125 million in fiscal year 2020; $250 million in fiscal year

2021; $375 million in fiscal year 2022; and 100% of commercial gaming revenues dedicated to

public education in fiscal year 2023 and each fiscal year thereafter. The amendment also

requires the Governor to show in the annual budget how the revenues from video lottery

operation licenses and other commercial gaming are being used in a manner that is in addition

to the level of State funding for public education provided by the funding formulas established

by the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act. The State Constitution currently authorizes

video lottery operation licenses for the primary purpose of raising money for public education.

(Amending Article XIX, Section 1(c)(1) and (g), and adding Section 1(f) to the Maryland


This question is frequently referred to as the Education Lockbox. It is a proposed

constitutional amendment would require that the Governor, beginning in fiscal year 2020, to

provide in the annual budget, supplemental State funding for public education, using gaming

revenues. A portion of the proceeds from video lottery terminals and table games is

dedicated to the Education Trust Fund. Currently, all proceeds credited to the Education

Trust Fund are budgeted for the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act formulas and

programs. Designating the use of a portion or all of the money credited to the Education

Trust Fund for supplemental funding will require General Fund expenditures for the Bridge to

Excellence in Public Schools Act formulas and programs to increase by an equal amount.

Finally, the proposed amendment repeals the constitutional provision specifying that capital

projects at community colleges and public senior higher education institutions are among the

primary purposes for which revenue from video lottery terminal facilities is raised.

Question 2 - Election Day Voter Registration (Constitutional Amendment)

Authorizes the General Assembly to enact legislation to allow a qualified individual to register

and vote at a precinct polling place on Election Day. The current law requires voter registration

to close before Election Day. (Amending Article 1, sections 1 and 2, and adding Section 2A to

the Maryland constitution.)

The Maryland Constitution currently requires that voter registration close before Election

Day. If passed, the General Assembly would have the power to pass legislation that would

determine the specific procedures to be followed to implement voter registration at precinct

polling places on Election Day. Under current law, a qualified individual may register and

vote on the same day at an early voting center in the individual’s county of residence during

the period beginning the second Thursday before a primary or general election through the

Thursday before the election. The proposed constitutional amendment would authorize the

General Assembly to expand same-day voter registration to include Election Day itself.

Anne Arundel County Questions

Question A Charter Amendment

Legislative Procedure - Notice of Amendment to Comprehensive Zoning Ordinances

To amend the Anne Arundel County Charter to require notice by posting on a subject property

pursuant to requirements found in the County Code before amending a comprehensive zoning

ordinance to include a zoning change request made to the County Council and not proposed or reviewed by the Office of Planning and Zoning before introduction of the comprehensive zoning


This Charter amendment would require that, if a zoning change is requested by direct

application to the County Council through amendment to an already-advertised and pending

comprehensive zoning ordinance, the owner must have posted a notification on the subject

property that the zoning change is being requested.

Question B Charter Amendment

Purchasing Contract Limits

To amend the Anne Arundel County Charter to restrict the County Council's ability to increase the minimum value of purchases and contracts requiring full competitive bidding from $25,000 to an amount not less than $25,000 and not greater than $50,000 and to require that the award

of contracts greater than $5,000 and less than the minimum dollar requirement for full

competitive bidding shall be awarded through a simplified competitive process except as

otherwise provided by law; and to require that the County Purchasing Agent shall cause to be

published on the Anne Arundel County website all awards of contracts through the full and

simplified bidding processes for capital improvements, contractual services, professional

services, or supplies of $5,000 or greater awarded by the County in accordance with the Anne

Arundel County Code.

This Charter Amendment would permit the County Council to set the minimum value of a

contract subject to formal competitive bidding to a value between $25,000 and $50,000, and

would require the County Purchasing Agent to publish awards of contracts with a value of

$5,000 or more on the County’s website.

Question C Charter Amendment

Legislative Branch - Duties of County Auditor - Reports of Fraud

To amend the Anne Arundel County Charter to require that the County Auditor receive a copy

of any report related to employee theft or fraud in the County and to permit the County

Auditor to inspect the records relating to the report and forward any exception to the findings

of the fraud investigation to the County Council and the County Executive.

This Charter Amendment would require reports and records related to theft of County

resources by a County employee or fraud in County government perpetrated by a County

employee to be provided to the County Auditor and the County Auditor to report any

exceptions to the findings of an investigation into fraud by a County employee to the County

Executive and the County Council.

For a detailed explanation of the questions you can visit the Anne Arundel County League of

Women Voter’s Guide, the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections or the Maryland State

Board of Elections.

Be sure to VOTE

Election Day - November 6, 2018

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