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April 11, 2016


Overview of the 2016 Legislative Session

The 2016 Session of the Maryland General Assembly began with a high number of local bills, and bond bill requests. Twenty regular bills and fifteen bond bills were requested. Below are the bills which passed both houses.

HB172-School Board Nominating Commission- This bill alters the membership of the School Board Nominating Commission of Anne Arundel County, limits commission members to 8 years of service, requires members to be residents of Anne Arundel County and prohibits all but specified commission members from being current employees of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education. The commission selects its chair from among its members; the chairs term of service as chair is reduced to 2 years. The terms of the current commission members appointed by the Governor terminate June 1, 2016. The county Board must provide staff for the commission. An affirmative vote of at least 8 members is required for approval on an action by the commission’ members may not vote by proxy. Each applicant to the county board of education must completer an application including specified information. The commission must consult the Maryland Judiciary Case Search to verify the statements in the application. If the votes of AAC reject the retention of a board of education member (or the vote is tied) the member must resign 10 days following certification of the election returns and may not continue to serve on the county board. The School Board Nominating Commission of AAC includes 13 members appointed as follow: 3 by County Executive, 1 by Teachers Association of AAC; 1 by the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce’2 by the Anne Arundel County Council of Parent Teacher Associations; 1 by the Anne Arundel County Community College Board of Trustees; 1 by the Association of Educational Leaders; 1 by the NAACP; 1 by CASA de Maryland; 1 by the Anne Arundel Special Education citizens Advisory Committee and 1 by a specified group of chambers of commerce based in Anne Arundel County. – Gubernatorial Veto Override 4/5/16

HB642- Alcoholic Beverages Licenses-This bill allows a licensee in AAC to obtain a second or third Class BLX Deluxe Restaurant Alcoholic beverage license for use in a restaurant if the restaurant is located in a shopping center with a gross area of at least 1000000 square feet and it is zoned MXD-C General Commercial by the county. This bill also exempts the Class BLX Deluxe Restaurant license from a distance restriction related to schools and places of worship, expands the types of entertainment that may be provided in an establishment with this license and makes conforming changes. The bill specifies that the general limit of alcoholic beverages license for a licensee does not apply to hotel-limited service (on-sale) license in AAC.

HB37- Property Tax Deferrals- Payment Due Date-This bill alters the conditions under which payment becomes due for deferred county property taxes in AAC under a specified property tax deferral program.

HB272- Property Tax credit- Benefit Corporations and Benefitted LLCs-this bill authorizes AAC or a municipality in the county to grant a property tax credit against the county or municipal property tax for real or personal property that is w. owned or leased by a specified “benefit corporation” or benefit limited liability corporation, not used for residential purposes and used in a trade or business by such companies.

HB366-Property Tax Credit- Blind Individuals –This bill authorizes AAC and a municipality in the county to grant by law a property tax credit against the county of municipal property tax imposed on $15,000 of the assessment of a dwelling house owned by a specified blind individual.

HB602- Special Taxing Districts- Water or Wastewater Services-This bill authorizes AAC to establish, modify, or abolish special taxing districts for the purpose of providing or expanding water or wastewater services.

HB321-Archery Hunting-Safety Zone- This bill decreases the hunting safety zone size from 150 yards to 100 yards from a dwelling, house, residence, church or any other building or camp occupied by human beings for archery hunters in AAC.

HB238-Alcoholic Beverages- Disposition of Fees-This bill requires the Anne Arundel County Board of License Commissioners to remit all collected fees, including a specified $200 administrative hearing fee, to the Comptroller’s office, instead of to the Anne Arundel County government. The Comptroller’s office must use the collected fee revenue to approve and pay the salaries and expenses of the board and its employees and remit the remaining balance to Anne Arundel County for the general purposes of the county.

The Anne Arundel House Delegation heard presentations from:

  • County Executive Steve Schuh

  • Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides

  • County Council Chair Derek Fink

Although the bills took a significant amount of time on the Delegation agendas, we also heard from various county government agencies and constituent groups. Included in those were:

  • Department of Aging

  • Anne Arundel County Police Department

  • Anne Arundel County Fire Department

  • Governor’s Office of Children

  • Ft. Meade Garrison Commander Colonel Brian Foley

  • AutismFYI.

The following bond bills were approved by the House and Senate in the Capital Budget.

  • 206 West Social Enterprise Project-$250,000

  • Belvoir Scott’s Plantation Historic Manor House-$75,000

  • Broadneck High School Field House-$300,000

  • Downs Park Ampitheater-$75,000

  • Glen Burnie High School Field House and Concession Stand-$1,000,000

  • Linthicum Walks-$100,000

  • Lake Shore Athletic Association-$50,000

  • The ARC of Central Chesapeake Region- $300,000

  • William Brown House at Historic London Town- $125,000

  • Woods Community Center-$100,000

  • YWCA Domestic Violence Safe House Shelter-$400,000

We will publish the date of the Legislative Priorities meeting for 2017 in the fall, and hold our pre-session Delegation meeting between November 10 and December 10. Please contact Siena Scott at 401-841-3402 or aacd@mlis.state.md.us during interim for any Delegation issues. Have a wonderful interim. Thank you for all that you do for the people of Anne Arundel County and the citizens of all of Maryland. Best wishes for a Happy Healthy Interim.

Theodore J. Sophocleus


Anne Arundel County Delegation

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