Senator Pam Beidle is one of us -- she's an Anne Arundel County mom and grandmother, she owned and operated a small business here for thirty-eight years, went to college at Towson University, and volunteered her time with many community groups and her church. 

As our Councilwoman and Delegate, Pam has delivered for us in Anne Arundel County. She is a strong advocate for Anne Arundel public schools, has voted for historic investments in school safety for our children, and successfully fought for funding to build a new athletic facility at Glen Burnie High School and a new field, bleachers, and
concession stand at Meade High School. Delegate Beidle has put in lights at Severn's Danza Park, acquired the funding to build a memorial dedicated to the county's veterans, and delivered millions of dollars in state funding for Anne Arundel County's YWCA domestic violence shelter and the Fort Meade Resiliency Center.

In the Senate, Pam will continue to fight for us while working across the aisle to accomplish things for our community. In the House, Pam had a record of cutting wasteful spending, and working with Republicans and Democrats to increase funding for education and other priorities without raising taxes. While in DC, President Trump and members of Congress cannot figure out how to work together on health care, this past session, Pam worked with Democrats and Governor Hogan, to find a solution to stabilize health care and lower costs for Marylanders. She has fought to stop prescription drug gouging, work with the business community to provide earned sick leave to employees and has fought for women to have affordable access to health care.

With her record, Pam has served us as a different kind of leader who actually listens to the people and tries to solve problems in a bipartisan way. If elected to the state Senate, Beidle will continue to advocate for Anne Arundel County and work with people on both sides of the aisle to deliver for us.



During my time as a State Delegate, I have supported legislation to provide Healthcare to all

I have supported the Medicare waiver which has allowed Maryland to insure 500,000 Marylanders.
Maryland is the only State with the Medicare Waiver, this means every payer pays the same charge for
every stay at every Maryland hospital.

I have supported improvement in healthcare delivery by making medical records digital, healthcare
available for all women, dental care for all children, and controlling the cost of prescription drugs.
I will continue to fight for affordable healthcare for all Marylanders.


I have a strong record of supporting education funding and school construction. As a County
Councilmember representing District One, I voted for the education budget for 8 consecutive years. I
was the leading advocate for a new Hebron-Harman Elementary, helping to move that school up on the
school construction list. I also advocated for the funding for the athletic facility addition and the
classroom addition for North County High School and funding for the Ferndale Early Education Center.
As Chair of the Anne Arundel County Delegation, I worked in a bipartisan way to make changes to the
School Board Nominating Commission to create a more inclusive School Board Appointment
Commission. In 2017, I was the lead sponsor for the bill that created an Elected School Board for Anne
Arundel County, the last County in the State to have an elected school board.

In my time in the Legislature I have supported the increases in education funding, the State budget is at
an all time high for funding education and school construction. Anne Arundel County has a long list of
schools that need to be renovated or have new schools constructed. While Anne Arundel is building
newer, smaller high schools, I have a great deal of concern for the condition of our existing schools. I
will continue to advocate for schools that are safe for our students.

In our 2018 Legislative Session we passed a great deal of bipartisan legislation to fund education. The
most important was funding for “safe schools.” We also passed two bills for Community College
scholarships including one to allow the Delegate and Senatorial Scholarships to pay for certain certificate
and licensure credits.

I supported the Constitutional Amendment to “add” the Casino Revenues to the education budget, not
using that funding to replace funds. This Constitutional Amendment needs your vote in the General
Election, please look for it on your ballot. The Maryland Constitution requires that education is fully
funded and the budget is balanced.

As the Senator representing District 32, I will support the recommendations of the Commission on
Innovation and Excellence in Education, also known as the Kirwan Commission. I will continue to be a
strong supporter for education funding.


I have served for three terms on the Environment and Transportation Committee. I am a strong
supporter of improving the quality of one of Maryland’s greatest treasures, the Chesapeake Bay, for
recreation, jobs and all of its economic benefits.

Legislation we have passed has improved the quality of the bay. This includes legislation for: oyster
restoration, installation of new or upgraded septic systems in the critical area, upgrading sewer plants,
limiting agricultural runoff by providing funding for cover crops, and our continuing work to reduce
sediment and pollutants trapped by the Conowingo Dam.

The 2017 legislation to prohibit fracking in Maryland, made Maryland the first state to totally ban
fracking, I was proud to be a co-sponsor. I have also consistently supported renewable energy and the
Clean Energy Job Act. We are protecting our children and the future of clean air by supporting clean
energy now!

I also supported pollinator habitat plans and the Pollinator Protection Act. These provided bees with a
healthy environment and prohibiting the use of pesticides.

The Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters continue to endorse me.

I am committed to continuing to protect and improve our environment for current and future


As a member of the Environment and Transportation Committee and Chair of the Motor Vehicle and
Transportation Policy Sub-committee, I have had the opportunity to study and impact Maryland’s
transportation network. This Sub-committee is the busiest sub-committee in the House of Delegates.
In 2018, I was the lead sponsor to increase Highway User Revenues to our Counties and Cities. This bill
provides a guaranteed stream of income for road maintenance and repaving of local streets; it is a
redistribution of the Gas Tax.

Also in 2018, I was the sponsor of the “Jobs Bill”. This bill will help to provide transportation for the last
mile to and from work sites. It provides Tax Credits for employers who fund transportation projects to
get employees to and from the work site when transit is not available.

The current MAGLEV plan travels through my entire district. The route impacts Linthicum, Harmans,
Severn, Russett and MD City. Linthicum Elementary, Hebron-Harmans Elementary and Lindale Middle
Schools are all impacted by the planned route. I have fought the project when it was first presented in
2005 and will continue to fight the project.

I sponsored legislation to provide law enforcement personnel at two of the Anne Arundel County Light
Rail stops. Although the bill was not successful, Anne Arundel County has agreed to increase patrols at
the stops, and the MTA has increased law enforcement personnel to check the stations and trains. Prior
attempts to close the walk-up stations have been unsuccessful.

Transportation is an important issue in our community that we need to continually address to eliminate
the congestion and improve road conditions.

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