Beidle Sponsored Legislation Passed


Legislation 2022


SB0001/CH0049           State Finance and Procurement – Prevailing Wage – Stop Work Orders

SB0097                         Clerks of the Circuit Courts – Bonds, Licenses, Oaths, and Commissions

SB0125                        Revival of Nonstock and Religious Corporations

SB0255                        State Personnel Management System – Office of the Public Defender –

                                      HB0090/CH0046 Placement and Collective Bargaining

SB256                          MD Energy Administration – Resiliency Hub Grant Program and Fund

SB257                          Public Service Commission – Reporting Requirements

SB0293                        Insurance – Title Insurance Producers – Annual Review

SB386                          Interstate Medical Licensure Compact – Sunset Extension and Reporting

SB0440                         Commission to Study the Health Care Workforce Crisis in MD – Establishment

SB0475                        MD Transit Administration Police – Collective Bargaining – Supervisors and HB0580/CH0047 Sergeants

SB0496                        Business Regulation – Miscellaneous State Business Licenses - Alterations

SB0510                        Anne Arundel County Board of Education – Member Compensation

SB0514/CH0052           Transportation – Investment Program – MARC Rail Service

SB0611                        State Board of Dental Examiners – Training and Disciplinary Processes - Revisions

SB0612                        Street Racing, Exhibition Driving, and Noise Abatement – Prohibited Acts

SB0696                        MD Loan Assistance Repayment for Nurses and Nursing Workers – Program Establishment and Funding

SB0697                        Vehicle Laws – Mechanical Repair Contracts – Policies of Insurance

SB0804                         Continuing Care at Home Certificate of Need - Exemption

SB0834                        Health Insurance – Two Sided Incentive Arrangements and Capitated Payments – Authorization

SB0861                        Public Safety Firearm Crimes – Enforcement Center, Offenses and Procedures

SB0918                        Anne Arundel County - Local Development Council – Delegate Appointments


2022 Bond Initiatives


Anne Arundel County Food Bank

Corkran Middle School Concession Stand

Kingdom Kare Veterans Resource Support Center

North County High School Turf Field

Odenton Masonic Center Revitalization

YWCA Trafficking Safe House

Legislation 2021

SB0204 /CH0480 Health Care Facilities – Assisted Living Programs – Requirements for Alzheimer’s Special Care Units and Regulations

SB0488 /CH0373 Family Law – Marriage – Licenses and Records

SB0489 /CH0548 Alcoholic Beverages – Class MT License

SB0490 /CH0668 Board of License Commissioners – Chief Inspector

SB0501 /CH0643 Towing or Removal Vehicles From Parking Lots – Placement of Signs – Regional Malls

SB0550 /CH0786 Sheila E. Hixson Behavioral Health Services Matching Grant Program for Service Members and Veterans - Establishment

SB0704 /CH0159 Nursing Homes – Transfer of Ownership - Surveys

SB0748 /CH0791 Public Health – State Designated Exchange – Clinical Information

SB0836 /CH0361 State Board of Dental Examiners Disciplinary Process and Actions Report

SB0888 /CH0642 Anne Arundel County – Speed Monitoring Systems – MD Route 175 (Jessup Rd.)


2021 Bond Initiatives

Lindale Middle School

North County High School Field House

Resiliency and Education Center at Kuhn Hall

VFW Post 160


Legislation 2020

SB0031 /CH0246 Board of Community College Trustees

SB0037 /CH0503 Alcoholic Beverages – Class B and Class H License - Renewals

SB141 /CH0214 Alcoholic Beverages – Salaries of Inspectors

SB0143 /CH0284 Alcoholic Beverages – License Application Subject to Creditor Claim

SB0221 /CH0313 Alcoholic Beverages – Board of License Commissioners Staff and Compensation

SB0222 /CH0450 Anne Arundel County Board of Education – Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

SB0361 /CH0551 Alcoholic Beverages – Barbershop and Beauty Salon License

SB0425 /CH0184 Debt Collection – Exemptions From Attachment and Execution

SB0525 /CH0307 Alcoholic Beverages – Gift Basket Permit

SB0746 /CH0335 State Fire Marshal – Sprinkler Systems Enforcement

SB0898(HB1013 /CH0404) Vehicle Laws – Rental Vehicles – Driver’s License Verification and Records

SB1047((HB1629/CH0491) Office of the Attorney General – Firearm Crime, Injuries, Fatalities, and Crime Firearms - Study


2020 Bond Initiatives:

Benson-Hammond House

Lindale Middle School

Linthicum Elementary School

Linthicum Veterans Memorial

National Cryptologic Museum - Cyber Center of Education and Innovation

North County High School Field House

West County Family Support Center


Legislation 2019

SB0305 /CH0327 Real Property - Homeowners Associations - Number of Declarant Votes

SB0309 /CH0643 Anne Arundel County – Alcoholic Beverages – Racetrack and Racetrack Concessionaire Licenses

SB0523 (HB0602/CH0229) Insurance - Investments of Insurers Other Than Life Insurers - Real Estate

SB0711 /CH0698  University System of Maryland - Regular Employees - Grievance Procedures and Disciplinary Actions

SB0712 /CH0685 Household Goods Movers Registration

SB0911 /CH0514 Gender Diversity in the Boardroom – Annual Report

SB0913 /CH0328 State Retirement and Pension System - Administration - Retiree Information for Direct Mailings


2019 Bond Initiatives:

Chesapeake Arts Center

Glen Burnie High School Stadium

Maryland City Athletic Complex Lighting Upgrade

National Cryptologic Museum and Cyber Center for Education and Innovation

North County High School Field House

Severn Danza Park



HB0051                         Bond Bill – Anne Arundel County – Glen Burnie High School Field House and Athletic Complex

HB0126                         Bond Bill – Anne Arundel County – Camp Woodlands Restoration Project

HB0128                         Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - Resiliency and Education Center at Kuhn Hall

HB0130/CH0767          Video Lottery Terminal Proceeds - Local Impact Grants - Distribution to Communities Near Laurel Race Course

HB0155                         Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - YWCA Domestic Violence and Trafficking Shelters

HB0669/CH0332          Real Property - Homeowners Associations - Number of Declarant Votes

HB0807/CH0330          Transportation – Highway User Revenues – Distribution

HB1329/CH0646          Landlord and Tenant - Action for Repossession of Nonresidential Property - Service of Process

HB1468 / CH0793        Transit - Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program


HB0634                          Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - YWCA Domestic Violence and Trafficking Shelters

HB0637                          Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - Resiliency and Education Center at Kuhn Hall

HB1539                          Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class H Licenses

HB1601                          Anne Arundel County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class B Beer, Wine, and Liquor Licenses – Fees


HB0525 / CH0720         Vehicle Laws - Manufacturers and Dealers

HB0618                          Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - William Brown House at Historic London Town

HB0805                          Motor Vehicles - Autocycles - Standards and Requirements

HB0922 / CH0408         Vehicle Laws - Application - Park Model Recreational Vehicles - Definition

HB0986 / CH0728         Vehicle Laws - Trade-In Allowance - Leased Vehicles


HB0203 / CH0078         Vehicle Laws - Title Fees - Rental Vehicles

HB0233 / CH0080         Motor Vehicles - Calculation of Length - Loading Devices

HB0313 / CH0157         Vehicle Laws - Dealers - Financing or Leasing Agreements

HB1126                          Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - Camp Woodlands Restoration Project

HB1243                          Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - James Brice House

HB1270                          Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - Harambee House Community Outreach Center


HB0007HB0007             Bond Bill- Anne Arundel County - Chesapeake Arts Center

HB0582 / CH0101         Licensed Tree Experts – Notification    

HB0586                          Bond Bill- Anne Arundel County - Hospice of the Chesapeake Renovation Phase II

HB0740 / CH0535         Economic Development - Maryland Technology Development Corporation - Cybersecurity Investment Fund

HB0986                          Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - YWCA Domestic Violence Safe House

HB1312 / CH0452         Program Open Space Sites - Public Access


HB0572 / CH0620          Natural Resources - Tree Expert License - Qualifications

HB0580                           Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - National Electronics Museum



HB 126                         Maryland Condominium Act - Right of Entry to Investigate Damage and Make Repairs

HB 147                         Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - YWCA Counseling and Community Service Building Renovation

HB 148                         Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - Samaritan House Addition

HB 149                         Mopeds and Motor Scooters - Titling, Insurance, and Required Use of Protective Headgear

HB 158                         Property Tax - High Performance Building Tax Credit - National Green Building Standards

HB 435                         Vehicle Laws - Salvage - Defective, Lost, or Destroyed Certificates of Title

HB 993                         Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Conversion to Individual Unit Utility Metering

HB 1284                       Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - Meade High School Concession Stand



HB 396                         Natural Resources - Administrative Procedures - Electronic Citations, Inspections, and Hearings

HB 630                         Building Standards - High-Performance Homes

HB 672                         Bond Bill - Anne Arundel County - Reece Road Community Health Center



HB 1514                       Real Property - Condominiums - Cancellation of Insurance



HB 287                         Real Property - Condominiums - Repair or Replacement of Damage or Destruction by Council of Unit Owners



HB 645                         Maryland Contract Lien Act - Foreclosure of Liens - Time Period

HB 646                         Condominiums - Property Insurance Deductible - Unit Owner Responsibility      

HB 866                         Employment Agencies - Bonding - Enforcement Authority



HB 220                         Vehicle Laws - Special and Commemorative Registration Plates

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