Career Highlights

Maryland General Assembly


State Senate:


On January 9, 2019, I had the honor of being sworn into the Maryland State Senate.  My committee assignments included the Finance Committee and also the Executive Nominations Committee.  I was appointed to serve as the Vice-Chair of the Executive Nominations Committee.  I also served as the Chair of the Anne Arundel County Senate Delegation from 2019 to 2021.


The Finance Committee is a perfect fit for me with my professional background.  The Finance Committee considers insurance issues, including auto and home insurance, life and health insurance, banking issues,  workers compensation, health policy, prescription drug policy, unemployment and workers’ compensation.   I have experience in all these issues.

  • I owned my own small business for 38 years.

  • I serve as a Bank Director on the Arundel Federal Bank Board.

  • I also serve on the Board of the University Of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center.

I believe that this experience helps me understand the policy issues being considered by the Finance Committee and are important to residents of District 32.


In my time on the Finance Committee I have worked on a variety of issues including:

  • Consumer protection issues, like licensing household movers.

  • I was the primary sponsor on a bill requiring reporting of gender diversity on corporate boards in Maryland.

  • I have sponsored numerous bills to help small businesses.


Very possibly, the most important bill that I sponsored was SB1000, Public Safety - Handgun Permit Review Board.  This bill changed the process for appealing the denial of a handgun permit.  It gave the responsibility of Handgun Permit Appeals Review to the Administrative Hearing Officers, these officials are located all over the State alleviating significant travel for many individuals.  


I have taken a special interest in nursing homes and assisted living regulations and issues.  As a member of the Oversight Committee for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living, I have learned a lot about the needs of our most vulnerable population and the need to be their voice and advocate for them.  I have sponsored several bills to improve the care of those in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living that have taken effect in 2021.


I am honored to be the Senate appointment to serve on the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Local Development Council.  The Local Development Council distributes revenue from Live! Casino to groups that serve the community within a 3 mile radius of the casino.


It’s been an honor to support funding for our Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the expansion of Broadband and the continuation of Telehealth, and the Blueprint for Education.  The Maryland General Assembly has provided record funding for education.   I am also working with the Board of Dental Examiners to improve their discipline process.  


In my time in the Senate, I have continued to support projects in our communities with State Bond funding.  The Bonds have funded the Field House for North County High School, rehabilitation of the track at Lindale Middle School, the Fort Meade Resiliency Center, the Linthicum Elementary sign, The Chesapeake Arts Center, the Glen Burnie High School stadium repairs and turf field, the Linthicum Veterans Memorial, the Severn Intergenerational Center, and The Domestic Violence House sponsored YWCA of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. 




House of Delegates:

In January 2007. I was proud to be sworn in as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates representing District 32.  I was assigned to the Environmental Matters Committee and served on both the Housing and Real Property Subcommittee and the Transportation Subcommittee.  The Environmental Matters Committee later became the Environment and Transportation Committee (E & T).

My very first bill was the authorization of the continuation of the Chesapeake Bay License Plates and the Agriculture License Plates, and that year I was also proud to support the prohibition of indoor smoking. 

During my time in the House of Delegates I sponsored legislation on a variety of topics.  They included bills:

  • Reforming Condo and HOA law

  • Improved building standards

  • Requiring mopeds and motor scooters to be titled

  • Expansion of Open Space law to allow access 

Education has always been important to me, and I have been a strong advocate for education.  I was lead sponsor on the Anne Arundel County bill, in 2016, to improve the School Board nominating commission.  I was lead sponsor to move Anne Arundel County to an Elected School board in 2017.

In 2014 I was appointed Chair of Motor Vehicle and Transportation Subcommittee in the newly named Environment and Transportation Committee.  One of my most important bills was HB1013.  It required MDOT to use certain criteria to rank major transportation projects, making it easier to compare and prioritize projects.  

I also worked to help consumers by passing a bill providing transportation for job access and the reverse commute and revising the calculation of the vehicle excise tax on vehicle trade ins by paying only the difference.

Bond Bills are an important avenue to bring funds and improvements directly to our community.  I have been the lead sponsor for a number of bond bills to improve our community.  They included:

  • Hospice of the Chesapeake, funding for Offices and Patient center at John and Cathy Belcher Campus,

  • YWCA offices and Safe House, and

  • Kuhn Hall Education and Resiliency Center at Ft. Meade

For a complete list of Bond Bill projects and my legislation click here.

In 2014 and 2016, I was honored to be elected Chair of the Anne Arundel County House Delegation. 




Anne Arundel County Council


Achieving Equity for Our Schools

  • Obtained funding for a new Harman Elementary School to open in Fall 2007

  • Funding for the Ferndale Early Education Center to open in Fall 2007

  • Funding for Design and Engineering for renovation or replacement of Overlook Elementary School.

  • Expedited funding for the completed 460-seat addition at North County High School

  • Gained funding to start the design and engineering of a new physical education facility at North County High School

  • Ensured that a new Brooklyn Park Middle School and the Chesapeake Center for the Creative Arts were built

  • Secured funding for air conditioning at Overlook, Belle Grove, Ferndale, Cromwell and North Glen Elementary Schools

  • Reduced the $140 million backlog for school maintenance

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

  • Worked to revitalize existing and aging commercial centers to increase the tax base and leave more open space and greenways. Successful projects include:

  • The Glen Burnie Mall, now the Centre at Glen Burnie

  • The Burwood Plaza

  • The new E-Z Storage and Walgreen’s at the old Hechinger’s site

  • A new residential project at South View Shopping Center

  • A new Veterinary Hospital at the McIntyre Tire Store

  • Leading the fight against the Maglev high-speed train, which would destroy the character of our communities

  • Supported increased funding for reconstruction of roads and sidewalks. Over $115 million dollars in eight years.

  • Secured additional funding for the Bachman Sports Complex

  • Secured funding for $655,000 to renovate and reopen the Andover Equestrian Center, and improve Linthicum-Ferndale fields.

  • Secured funding for improvements at Severn Danza Park.

  • Supported funding for a North County pool to open in the fall of 2006.

  • Supported the new Anne Arundel Community College at Arundel Mills

  • Pushed for the development of the new Brooklyn Park Fire Station

  • Co-sponsored legislation to allow for more affordable housing for seniors

  • Supported the revitalization of the Thomas Pumphrey House into a Senior Housing project


Reducing Crime and Improving Quality of Life

  • Worked closely with the “HotSpot” program to reduce crime and improve the Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood. Assisting with community clean-up and community fairs.

  • Stopped an all-night club from operating in Brooklyn Park

  • Helped to close massage parlors operating illegally in District One

  • Succeeded in saving the paid Firefighters at Ferndale Fire Station

  • Eliminated five vacant and abandoned houses

  • Obtained funding for 15 acres of Open Space at Harman’s Park and funding for park improvements

  • Working to stop Colonial Pipeline from removing trees on Andover Road

  • Sponsored legislation that saved the communities from the noise pollution of a mini nascar park.

  • Stopped the Army’s plan for a skeet shooting range after hearing the safety concerns of nearby residents.

Working Within the Tax Cap to Improve County Services

  • Worked to create a better climate to attract and retain qualified Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters and other County employees by increasing salaries, protecting pensions, and securing better working conditions. Supported binding arbitration for police and fire.

  • Supported four responsible budgets that retained the County’s high bond rating

  • Secured increased funding for road repair

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