I am proud of the improvements that I have made to the citizens of Anne Arundel County for the past eight years as a member of the County Council. Some of these accomplishments are listed below:

Achieving Equity for Our Schools

  • Obtained funding for a new Harman Elementary School to open in Fall 2007

  • Funding for the Ferndale Early Education Center to open in Fall 2007

  • Funding for Design and Engineering for renovation or replacement of Overlook Elementary School.

  • Expedited funding for the completed 460-seat addition at North County High School

  • Gained funding to start the design and engineering of a new physical education facility at North County High School

  • Ensured that a new Brooklyn Park Middle School and the Chesapeake Center for the Creative Arts were built

  • Secured funding for air conditioning at Overlook, Belle Grove, Ferndale, Cromwell and North Glen Elementary Schools

  • Reduced the $140 million backlog for school maintenance

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

  • Worked to revitalize existing and aging commercial centers to increase the tax base and leave more open space and greenways. Successful projects include:

  • The Glen Burnie mall, now the Centre at Glen Burnie

  • The Burwood Plaze

  • The new E-Z Storage and Walgreen’s at the old Hechinger’s site

  • A new residential project at South view Shopping Center

  • A new Veterinary Hospital at the McIntyre Tire Store

  • Leading the fight against the Maglev high-speed train, which would destroy the character of our communities

  • Supported increased funding for reconstruction of roads and sidewalks. Over $115 million dollars in eight years.

  • Secured additional funding for the Bachman Sports Complex

  • Secured funding for $655,000 to renovated and reopened the Andover Equestrian Center, and improved Linthicum-Ferndale fields.

  • Secured funding for improvements at Severn Danza Park.

  • Supported funding for a North County pool to open in the fall of 2006.

  • Supported the new Anne Arundel Community College at Arundel Mills

  • Pushed for the development of the new Brooklyn Park Fire Station

  • Co-sponsored legislation to allow for more affordable housing for seniors

  • Supported the revitalization of the Thomas Pumphrey House into a Senior Housing project

Reducing Crime and Improving Quality of Life

  • Worked closely with the “HotSpot” program to reduce crime and improve the Brooklyn Heights Neighborhood. Assisting with community clean-up and community fairs.

  • Stopped an all-night club from operating in Brooklyn Park

  • Helped to close massage parlors operating illegally in District One

  • Succeeded in saving the paid Firefighters at Ferndale Fire Station

  • Eliminated five vacant and abandoned houses

  • Obtained funding for 15 acres of Open Space at Harman’s Park and funding for park improvements

  • Working to stop Colonial Pipeline from removing trees on Andover Road

  • Sponsored legislation that saved the communities from the noise pollution of a mini nascar park.

  • Stopped the Army’s plan for a skeet shooting range after hearing the safety concerns of nearby residents.

Working Within the Tax Cap to Improve County Services

  • Worked to create a better climate to attract and retain qualified Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters and other County employees by increasing salaries, protecting pensions, and securing better working conditions. Supported binding arbitration for police and fire.

  • Supported four responsible budgets that retained the County’s high bond rating

  • Secured increased funding for road repair