Dear Friends,

By Monday, there will be just 15 days remaining in the 2024 legislative session. The Senate Finance Committee is gearing up to tackle the 99 House Bills on the agenda. Despite shorter floor sessions and committee meetings this week post-crossover, my schedule remains packed with stakeholder meetings and crucial legislative work.

Crossover Update:

I'm proud to report that to date, 9 of the bills I've sponsored have passed and made the "crossover" deadline to the House of Delegates.

Rev. Dr. Toni Draper

On Wednesday, the Senate of Maryland honored Rev. Dr. Toni Draper with the First Citizen Award for her amazing leadership as president and publisher of the Afro Newspaper.

Bill Hearings

Bills are starting to move very quickly, the House has already scheduled five of my bills for hearings. Thursday was a busy day for me and my office. I had three bill hearings, each of them had House cross-files, and both bills passed exactly the same.  With bills in two committees, my Legislative Aide, Ash-Lynn, presented two bills in the House Health and Government Committee on my behalf. These are the bills that had hearings:

As always, you can view all of the legislation that we are working on the General Assembly website.