Dear Friends,

As the legislative session draws nearer to its end, it's hard to believe how quickly time has passed. On Monday, there will only be 22 days left! Monday also marks Chamber Crossover Day, which is a crucial deadline for each Chamber to send bills to the other Chamber that they intend to pass favorably. This is a critical moment in the legislative process, and we're working hard to ensure that we're making the most of the time we have left.

At this point in time, I have 9 bills that are expected to pass the Senate:

Seven bills are currently in the House:

One bill has passed second reader:

And one has passed third reader and will be on its way to the House:

As always, you can view all of the legislation that we are working on the General Assembly website.

SB360: Budget Bill (Fiscal Year 2025)

The Maryland Senate unanimously passed a $63 billion state budget that prioritizes crucial investments without the need for revenue increases. This demonstrates a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility while still meeting the needs of the community.

The gas tax is how we pay for our road maintenance and improvements, with that in mind, we did vote to increase vehicle registration fees on electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.  These vehicles use our roads and pay little or no gas taxes.

Overall, this budget is a win for both Maryland's economy and its citizens!


This week I had the pleasure of welcoming not one but two clergy to the Senate Chamber to give the invocation prior our daily session. On Wednesday, Bishop Craig Coates from Fresh Start Church in Glen Burnie provided motivation. Bishop Coates is a great advocate in our community, and I appreciate all his work and advocacy.

On Thursday, Pastor Barbara Palmer, accompanied by her husband, Bishop Antonio Palmer, pastors from the Kingdom Celebration Center, provided inspiration. I would like to thank Pastor Palmer for her dedication to empowering children and families through her ministry and non-profit organization, Kingdom Kare, Inc.


Pamela Beidle

Senator, District 32, Maryland General Assembly